•  The global gaming industry took in an estimated $180bn in 2020 – more than sports and movies worldwide.
  • Out of the 8 billion worldwide population, 3.1 billion people play video games. That is about 40% of the world population. A billion more than just five years ago.
  • The future of the industry is the ‘Play to Earn’ (P2E) blockchain gaming sector.
  • There is a Massive Demand for Games with play-to-earn features.
  • We are the first company to research the expansion of the Play to Earn Gaming sector, by researching a fiat based, easy to use payment system.
  • Currently all other P2E games are limited to the crypto market which has been widely discredited in recent months.
  • Our blockchain technology aims to surpass the current (cumbersome) web 3 crypto-wallet system and produce a Play to Earn game that is as easy to use as making a purchase on Amazon.
  • Our MVP will be far more than a feasibility study, in that it will produce data and analytics to enable the world of P2E to open up to a vast audience of non-traditional gamers.
  • There is a Huge demand from Investors for companies exploring this revolutionary hybrid of entertainment, sport, and the P2E sector.
  • The global market for fantasy sports is expected to grow to over $22 billion in 2021, according to Research and Markets. (Fantasy football is an $18.6 billion market.)
  • Horse racing is the second most viewed sport in the UK (behind football), attracting millions of viewers a year. (On average 9.6 million viewers watch the Grand National – Manchester City vs Arsenal games viewership peaked at 3.4 million spectators in 2020 on Sky Sports.)
  • Betting in horse racing is estimated to be over €100 billion annually.
  • The SDR ecosystem has a platform that uses never seen before digital twins of assets such as horses, jockeys, racecourses etc. that operate in the metaverse using real life data and disruptors, allowing digital races to be run in (all/any) time/location/date.
  • SDR could be to horse racing what the FIFA game is to Football and what the F1 game is to Formula One motor racing.

Video Gaming revenue outstrips sports and movies worldwide- why? because it combines everything that is good about those sectors and then adds accessibility, personal engagement, individual participation and most of all, profitability. The play to Earn (P2E) movement is growing faster than the gaming industry can keep up with.

What is Play to Earn (P2E)?

P2E games are games that enable players can earn real money through the game.

SDR is the future of P2E gaming. Combing entertainment, sport, and Socializing! This game is a golden-ticket entry point into the metaverse.

SDR creates a never-before-seen digital replication of the real horse racing world, taking player experience to the next level.

The success of ZedRun, which recently received $20 million investment from TCG and Andreessen Horowitz to its parent company, demonstrates the success of the sport’s ‘translation’ into the gaming world. The demand for the digitization of the sport is also seen in the emergence of the game DeRace, however neither of these games provide the sort of UX or UI that gamers have come to expect, nor will they attract new-comers to gaming, who have high estimations of what constitutes a spectator sport.
In stark contrast to ZedRun our game will be Fiat based and will not rely on cumbersome crypto wallets or unreliable crypto currencies.

SDR not only provides the answer to the demand for digitization of horse racing, but it raises the expectation of what ‘digitisation’ actually could be. The game tag line, Racing just got Real, is no understatement.

Digital twin of real horses, created with real life stats, allow for optimum game play. The horses look, sound and move like the real thing. The race-courses use GPS coordinates to map every detail of the real life track and ultimately, players will be able to have a fully VR/IR experience. Every aspect of horse racing, the form, ground, pedigree, windspeed, jockey, ad near infinitum, combined with random factors such as crowd noise, or camera car proximity, make this the ultimate game of strategy and chance. Algorithms of the real life horse variables, and the cumulative digital track record of the horse, combine to create a data set that allows for both strategic play (as players weigh up the odds created by all the racing variables) and also randomisation to replicate the unpredictable elements and ‘natural disruptors’ in the sport (such as a jockey being unseated during a race). State-of -the-art blockchain cryptography ensures a fair outcome every time – no more perceptions that races have been fixed!

Why Invest Now?

  • SDR allows the gamer full ownership of its in-game digital-twin horse purchases; – once bought it is theirs to keep, race, trade, lease or sell.
  • Proven demand for demand for digitization of horse racing (De Race/ZedRun)
  • Proven demand for P2E games in general (investors table and stats from DappRadar)
  • SDR not only meets the proven demand for digitization of horse racing, but redefines what is meant by digitization- new level of gaming experience with digital twinning.
  • SDR will offer Easy Fast & Cheap money Transfer and easy online payment system.
  • SDR blockchain technology is un-hackable (details) and hence safeguards against fraud, race fixing and rigged betting.
  • SDR is operates on an open Platform (and this is where the game consumer will place their trust.)
  • Digital Twinning Reality Experience.

Why Should the Horseracing World Invest in SDR?

Sustainability, Diversity, Revenue, Wider Participation, Compatible not Competition, Taking back control of Rights.

We want to work with horseracing industry on the project so that it becomes the official horseracing game – a la FIFA. We aim for this game to be diverse and inclusive in the way that horseracing is striving to be through its Diversity in Racing Steering Group. Our aim is to work with all the stakeholders in the sport and put money back into horseracing, either through a voluntary levy or through a contribution from entry fees etc. For the first time, racecourse owners could have ownership of the rights to their own digital twin horse and racecourses could have rights to their digital twin without having to do the commercial development that would be required if starting from scratch. Our aim is to bring an audience to the sport that is not your typical man or woman in the street, but rather an unknown audience that participates daily in the gaming universe. We will link the world of horseracing to a wider public audience through real and virtual experiences with prizes connected to the days at the races and experiencing real horses.

Horseracing has the rights to its own industry but has not always taken advantage of them and has consequently lost huge revenue, for example; when bookmaking was legalised and when betting/gaming companies went off-shore and even when Betfair opened up the possibility of laying horses to lose.

Digitalised horseracing will happen, whether through SDR or another provider. We want horseracing to take advantage of the next stream of revenue rather than to regretfully look back and say what might have been.