Step onto the ultimate digital racing platform where every aspect of horseracing is yours to master!

Own your own digital twin horse.

We create exact replicas of real life horses. The look, the precise physiology, the racing stats, and even the medical records of the horses, have all been carefully reproduced.

Now you too can have the prestige of owning a prize racehorse. Imagine how would it feel to own FrankelDT ShergarDT or Red RumDT? SDR gives you the chance to own the unique digital twin of real-life horses. Pick from either a horse that is currently running, a famous horse from the past, or even a hybrid horse* bred anew on the racing platform (*these horses are purely digital and will not have real-life counterparts).

Imagine the excitement as your digital twin horse crosses the winning line in first place and the kudos as it rises up the league table. The official rating (OR) of your horse will initially be set by its real life status, but soon its own digital racing record will set the pace of its success. Within the game your horse could far out-strip its real-life counterpart, earning you fame and possible fortune! Every time your horse is entered you will be playing to earn trophies and prize money and as your horse becomes successful, your horse’s value could also be increasing! The higher your horse’s handicap, the more in demand your horse will be!

Master the art of studying form, jockeys, courses and racing records, and start to build your own stable. Just imagine owning a whole stable of prize winning racehorses! Carefully select and trade your horses to build up a racing empire. Race all over the world. Hang out in the parade ring before the race and meet your jockey. Bask in the glory of your success as you stand in the winners’ enclosure. Your horse could end up in the digital horse hall of fame!

Don’t fancy going it alone? Why not team up with other players and create a syndicate? Share horses, tips, trainers, and jockeys and build a winning stable or racing alliance!

Like to stand out? Why not kit out your horse and rider with new matching silks? You can buy and sell tack and saddles and trade racing colours.

Race on digital twin Racecourses.

Digital twinning marks an extraordinary leap in technology that elevates player experience to a level never seen before. This is the metaverse at its most phenomenal. SDR is a fully immersive game in which you can race on digital twins of real life racecourses.

No matter where you are in the world, you can step into a parallel digital universe which replicates Ascot or Epsom, Goodwood or even the Kentucky Derby. Witness the crowd gasp as a jockey makes a daring manoeuvre on the home straight at Newmarket! Feel the rush as the leaders thunder down Tattenham Corner at Epsom and roar with exhilaration when your ‘long shot’ brings it home against all odds and gets its nose in front! Every detail is meticulously replicated so that your day at the races is filled with the sights, sounds and motions of the real racing world. As a player your VR experience will be so real that you will fear getting trampled if you stand too close to the edge!

Digital Twin Horses are potentially priceless. Buy and sell through the SDR platform. In the future you could even take your horse into another game anywhere within the metaverse!

The initial value of the digital twin horse will vary depending on the racing prowess of the real-life horse. This can quickly change as horses accrue a winning digital track record. However, like all works of art, your filly or colt might just have curb appeal for a whole variety of quirky reasons: maybe your horse has a designer nose band or a superhero silk strip that is rare and in vogue. Perhaps your horse is a guaranteed digital-loser? Maybe your horse is just cool. Whatever the reason, you could be in the possession of a highly coveted racehorse that is yours to trade – the only question will be: stick or twist?!