SDR is developing that which we consider to be the most advanced and immersive gaming platform for the horse racing industry.  In a world’s first, we will be launching a virtual reality option for gamers to take on the viewpoint of a jockey racing in the game.

Not only this, but we are also launching on multiple platforms including Windows, Mac OSX, iPhone, iPad, Android and the PlayStation and Xbox consoles.  Of course, there is also the web version where people will be able to manage their horses, enter races and in the future, build teams to enter our tournaments.

In order to be able to produce such a vast experience in full HD, we are developing our full cloud platform on top of the centralised / decentralised blockchain type cloud solution from EyA, extending the industry agnostic technology into the gaming world.

Our technology is being developed to strict guidelines in order to protect people’s privacy, finances and enrich their experience whist ensuring that advertisers are able to direct relative adverts to the correct audience. Our game template is “bound” to the user during signing up, allowing us to verify age requirements for racing and demographic, without the need to interrogate the private information of the person, and removing the need to introduce potential for data leak of private and / or sensitive information.

Through the extension of EyA, we are able to concentrate our efforts on the gaming platform and architecture, rather than concern ourselves with underlying blockchain or DLT technologies and the supporting infrastructure, accelerating our development faster than other potential competing companies. This is depicted within our timeline, showing simply how fast our platform is being developed with the launch of our MVP in Q1 2023.